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Sharon Johnson

Independent Director | BeautiControl


Empowering women is Sharon Johnson's forte. After all, she is an independent director with BeautiControl, a leading direct sales firm that provides innovative anti-aging skin care, cosmetic, and spa products.

Based in Minnesota in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, Ms. Johnson brings the spa experience directly to her clients by booking and planning relaxing at-home spa parties. In addition to delivering a range of skin care products, she coaches and mentors a team of over 60 BeautiControl consultants. Responsible for hosting bi-weekly sales meetings, she also helps direct continuing education opportunities.

Ms. Johnson has progressed quickly since joining BeautiControl in 2008. Promoted to a director after eight months, she has been the company’s number three top seller for the past two years. Active in the philanthropic community, Ms. Johnson hosts spa parties to benefit missions in Haiti and other charities. Prior to signing on with BeautiControl, she was an applications engineer for 11 years with the software developer Synopsys.

Ms. Johnson holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Minnesota. She attributes her professional success to her dedication to her clients, and in the future she hopes to move into the position of national director.

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